First version of the database on Brazil’s municipalities’ finances

First version of the database. But take heed – deflation needs correction!

Here is the first second version of the database I’m creating for my master’s degree. Someday I might even post an English version of it!

financas municipais

I know “first second version” brings to mind that PHD Comic…


…. but it is quite a complete file already. As I said in the “first first” version, I corrected the deflation by multiplying each year for the average price index for that year. From 1996 onwards the difference is less than 1%, but for 1991 to 1994, the differences were quite high: 17,48%, 23,19%, 31,15% and 23%, respectively.

Have fun with the database!

Original last paragraphs:

I still need to correct some important things such as deflation – I used the price index of December of each year, but the transferences are mad throughout the year, not only in December. Besides, inflation prior to 1994 was rampant enough to create actual distortion in the numbers.

I’ll also upload the auxiliary spreadsheets I used to create it and, in due time, the master degree’s thesis itself, which describes how I created the database. The current priority, though, is correcting the “first version” of the database.


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